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What do the country abbreviations for influencer panels mean?
What do the country abbreviations for influencer panels mean?

A handy guide for navigating the country codes assigned to each panel

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Tribe Dynamics' multiple market-specific panels are displayed in the software as two-letter country codes next to each Creator profile:

To help you understand what these abbreviations mean, we've compiled a legend below:

  • AU = Australia

  • BR = Brazil

  • CA = Canada

  • DE = Germany

  • ES = Spain

  • *EUR = Europe

  • FR = France

  • GC = Gulf Countries

  • IT = Italy

  • JP = Japan

  • KO = Korea

  • IN = India

  • MX = Mexico

  • US = United States

  • UK = United Kingdom

  • *WW = Worldwide

The * denotes aggregated panels. For example, the Europe panel is a combination of our UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany panels, where each Creator who belongs to multiple panels within the list are only counted once. The Worldwide panel is an aggregation of all of the Creators on each of our market-specific panels, in addition to Creators that are not based in these individual markets but nonetheless qualify for panel membership (based on the criteria listed here).

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