Tribe Dynamics' multiple market-specific panels are displayed in the software as two-letter country codes next to each Creator profile:

To help you understand what these abbreviations mean, we've compiled a legend below:

  • AU = Australia

  • BR = Brazil

  • CA = Canada

  • DE = Germany

  • ES = Spain

  • FR = France

  • GC = Gulf Countries

  • IT = Italy

  • JP = Japan

  • KO = Korea

  • MX = Mexico

  • US = United States

  • UK = United Kingdom

Note that aggregated panels, such as our Europe (UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany) and Global panels (all markets), are not assigned a specific country code. This is because all influencers assigned to the member countries are automatically assigned to these aggregate panels. For example, all influencers with the FR country abbreviation, by definition, are also part of Europe and Global panels and can be filtered accordingly.

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