What is an influencer panel?

Tribe Dynamics' influencer panels were created to help you discover, uncover, and assess the most relevant influencers in the industry.

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What is an influencer panel?

Tribe Dynamics has multiple market-specific influencer databases (referred to as panels), consisting of individuals, retailers, brands, and publications in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle spaces. Content created by the influencers within a given panel are used to generate Competitive Insights on brand performance.

For example, we organize posts published by all the US panel Creators in the month of January based on what brands are mentioned, and then we use the performance associated with these posts to calculate brand performance. This methodology allows us to use the panel as a proxy for each market's social media landscape, and provides an easy apple-to-apples comparison when looking to benchmark one brand against another.

When updating each panel, we identify the market(s) in which a Creator is able to maintain a significant presence and we ensure that they meet our thresholds for the key influence criteria listed below. You can read more on the process of assigning Creators to one or more primary markets here

Who is included in a panel?

To ensure that our panels reflect an objective and relevant cross-section of influencers, Tribe Dynamics qualifies each candidate for their respective panel across the following criteria:

  • EMV generated

  • Follower count 

  • Engagement level

  • Branded content creation

  • Consistency of content creation

  • Centrality to their network

📝 Note: Creators must have at least one public, valid social media account in order to qualify for a panel. Personal Instagram accounts with fewer than 1M followers do not count towards panels even if they are public. Learn more about the accounts we can support here.

How are panels used?

Influencer panels are used to calculate the performance data that you see in your Competitive Insights tab. Our methodology allows us to objectively benchmark brands against each other based on the same set of influencers in each market.

Additionally, we are able to use our panels (designed to be a representative sample of the influencer space in your market) to help you grow your community. In other words, we monitor our panel for mentions of your brand and your competitors, so that we can surface these profiles as potential new Creators via our Creator Discovery features.

Finding panel Creators in your account

A creator who is included on a current Tribe Dynamics market panel will display a checkmark next to their profile name.

For example, the first influencer in the screenshot below is on the US panel, but the influencer below is not:

If a given creator is contributing to panels in multiple markets, the country codes corresponding to those markets will also be displayed:

Creators that contribute to panels outside of your primary market will be denoted by a checkmark outline:

You can also apply a filter in your dashboard to quickly surface all Creators belonging to one or more panels of your choice. Your panel options are nested under the Creator Tag filters:

Although you can track creators in any country within your account, please note that your dashboard is ultimately anchored in a single market, and that this market is the basis for the data you see in your Competitive Insights. For example, if you have a US-based dashboard, your Competitive Insights page reflects performance within the US panel.

A guide on the panel abbreviations can be found here.

How often are panels updated?

Tribe Dynamics' influencer panels are evaluated and updated every six months to capture a current and relevant cross-section of influencers. With each update, we automatically evaluate any additional non-panel Creators from your Tribe Dynamics dashboard for inclusion, based on their ability to meet the key criteria listed above.

Additional updates are conducted once a month to capture any Personal Instagram accounts that are converted into Professional accounts (i.e. Instagram accounts that become qualified for the panel).

If you have any questions about why creators in your account are on or missing from a specific panel, feel free to reach out to your Client Partner for additional information.

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