Earned Media Value, or EMV, is Tribe Dynamics’ proprietary metric for quantifying the value of digital earned media. Our holistic approach assigns a unique value to each piece of content based on the engagement received from followers and consumers. This value is then attributed to the brands mentioned within the post. EMV can be used to evaluate the performance of influencer marketing campaigns and benchmark brands within a given competitive landscape.

How is EMV calculated?

Type of Post 

Not all content is created equal; the platform on which a post is published matters. A YouTube video about your brand, for example, has a higher baseline value than a Tweet, as it generally requires more time and effort to produce.

Content Engagement

After the post was published, how many followers engaged with the content by viewing, liking, commenting, or sharing? The majority of a post's EMV performance depends on the engagement that it accrues. By using engagement instead of traditional measures like reach or estimated impressions, EMV provides a better indication of the brand’s social relevance as reflected by consumer involvement.

*Note: EMV for Instagram Stories is generated using AI to predict engagement. Find additional information on that feature here.

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