What is EMV (Earned Media Value)?

Start measuring the performance of your earned content.

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Earned Media Value (EMV) is Tribe Dynamics’ proprietary metric for measuring the performance of digital earned media. Our approach assigns EMV to each social media post created about a brand, based on the engagement that the post has received. This value can then be used as a point of comparison between posts, or it can be summed to measure the performance driven by influencers and campaigns for any brand. The EMV attributed to any given Creator, Campaign, or brand can similarly be used for comparisons and rankings. As such, EMV is best understood as a relative metric and should be used within our ecosystem of metrics to help you report on your earned media program.

How is EMV calculated?

Considering the platform

Not all content is created equal; to "credit" a given post with EMV, we'll account for the platform the post is published on, to account for how easy or difficult it may be to create content on that platform. For example, a YouTube video about your brand is attributed a higher baseline value than a Tweet, as it is generally accepted that a YouTube video requires more time and effort to produce than a post on Twitter.

Considering forms of engagement

After the post was published, we'll track how many followers engaged with the content by viewing, liking, commenting, or sharing the post. The majority of a post's EMV depends on the engagement that it accrues. By using concrete, observable source of data like engagement, EMV provides a more accurate indication of a brand’s social relevance than estimated values like Impressions and Reach.

📝 Note: EMV for Instagram Stories is generated using a machine learning algorithm that predicts engagement. Find additional information on that feature here.

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