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How do I successfully review my Bulk Import feedback file?
How do I successfully review my Bulk Import feedback file?

You've uploaded your spreadsheet and received a feedback file. Unsure of what to do next? No worries, we've got you covered.

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By now, you've prepared your spreadsheet, processed a bulk import, and received an email containing your feedback file. If our software was unable to process any of the data in your spreadsheet, instructions on how to resolve these issues are outlined in the attachment. Reviewing the feedback file attachment is extremely important as we cannot guarantee that the Creator Profiles imported were properly added or updated, which may result in missing content.

Once you open the attachment, you'll notice four types of Import Messages:

This is awesome news! If you're viewing this message, the Creator was imported successfully and added to your dashboard. This message applies to new Creators only.

This message applies to existing Creators or profiles who were being tracked in your dashboard already and indicates that their profile was edited successfully. This usually applies to bulk imports processed to add Creators to a Campaign or to add Tags.

This message indicates that one of the social media links on the Creator Profile may be invalid, private, or otherwise unable to be tracked. This can be any link on the Creator Profile, including links that are not part of the import file.

You can confirm the invalid link by checking the Invalid Link column. If you determine that the link is private, for example, and you still want to track the profile, you can choose to ignore this line. But, if the profile is invalid, you’d want to update the broken link and process the import again.

This message is to prevent duplicate profiles created in your dashboard. When reviewing this error, please note that there are two types of duplicate messages:

Duplicate ID: [Creator ID], Matched ID: [Creator ID]

This error is standard for identifying two Creator Profiles that need to be merged in the dashboard. You can use these IDs to look up, select the Creator Profiles in your account and follow the process outlined here. If you were not making any edits such as adding the profile to a Campaign or adding a Tag, the issue has been resolved. However, if you were looking to process the file to complete more than one action, Once merged, you can proceed to make edits/updates based on your import file.

Duplicate ID: [Creator ID], Matched ID: None

This error occurs if the link that is being tracked for this Creator in your account is different than the one in your import sheet. This can also occur if you’re trying to edit an existing profile, the handle has been changed, but was not updated in your dashboard. To resolve this error, use the ID in the Duplicate Ambassador column to look up the Creator's Profile in your account, and edit the profile to update their social channel accordingly.

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