With the 2021 Tribe Dynamics Influencer Panel update, we focused on continually increasing a brand's opportunity to identify, measure, and build relationships with influencers that:

  1. Have a direct and meaningful impact on their market and category, and

  2. Align operationally with the way teams work within that market.

Updates to the methodology

Ambassador Expansion & Inclusion:

  • We have made progress sourcing and adding Black and Latinx creators to our panels, as well as influencers in the fitness and wellness space, to expand the communities and categories we report on. Additionally, we focused on the intersection of fitness/wellness and the general BIPOC community (e.g. Black yoga teachers), in a continuation of our commitment to diverse and representative reporting.

  • We no longer require Ambassadors with 100K+ followers to mention brands in order to qualify for a panel.

  • We have removed the brand mention threshold for larger Ambassadors, which will ensure that we capture the conversation around new and upcoming verticals.

Influencer Location Qualifications:

  • We've made adjustments to our location rules to account for edge cases in the US. Specifically, we are including US-based creators with large followings in the US (>100K followers on Instagram or Youtube) to automatically qualify for the US panel, even if that is not their primary market. They will then be subject to the same additional metrics assessments for further qualification.

Augmenting Powerhouse TikTokers:

  • We've been investing in finding and adding social media channels for TikTokers we track with over 10M+ followers. This ensures that we have ample cross-channel coverage for these influential content creators.

Retiring the Russia Panel:

  • Due to limited adoption, we will be sunsetting our Russia pilot panel. This panel will no longer be available for clients, and Russian influencers will be removed from Worldwide reporting.

These changes will go into effect for January 2021 competitive EMV data. All past competitive data will be updated using this new panel.

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