Heading into the home stretch of 2020, we thought we would share some of our latest updates to the software and preview what we're working on next. In addition to the feature launches listed below, our Engineers have defeated many bugs this month, both large and small, on our ongoing quest to optimize your software experience πŸ¦ΈπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ If there is an area of the software you'd like to see evolve, send us a note! We love hearing from you.

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πŸš€ Featured Launches

Proactive community management - Have you ever wished that you were quicker to notice changes in an Ambassador's posting behavior? Well, you might be in luck because the software will now automatically assign badges to an Ambassador's profile if their content creation in the last 28 days significantly differs from their typical posting volume and cadence from the prior 5 months.

  • An At-Risk badge means the ambassador is creating less content for the brand than previously.
  • A Trending badge means the ambassador is creating more content for the brand than previously.

Leverage this information alongside Tribe's suite of metrics to activate influencers with intention. Next, we'll be making this information available in Ambassador Filters, which will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Keeping your Ambassador database organized - Segmenting your community with Ambassador Tags is an excellent way to stay organized. However, over time, certain Tags may become irrelevant, or you may find yourself reworking your Tagging strategy in bulk. You can now mass remove shared Tag(s) from a selected set of Ambassadors from within our bulk actions menu:

Measure all of your earned media content - If your team has encountered any Instagram Stories that forgot to tag your brand, you might have wondered "how can I make sure that we get credit for this post?"

A recent update to our Add Post feature means that we can now support EMV calculations for Instagram Story screenshots. That is, you can now upload a screenshot of the untagged or mistagged Story, and the software will attribute EMV according to our methodology for estimating Story EMV, allowing you to get credit for your posts in both Post Count and EMV measurement.

πŸ›  Coming Up Next

Building Ambassador lists in a jiffy - We want to help you make use of all the data you're storing about your Ambassadors by powering up the software filters. We'll start with updates to your Ambassadors Tab, making it possible for you to filter for 'Poor Fit', 'Nearest City,' 'At Risk,' and 'Trending' Properties.

Power up your earned media reporting - We will be working on displaying estimated impressions and total engagements in the software to help you showcase your program's success. May we ask for your help? In order to finetune the Estimated Impressions model, we'd like to test our assumptions against real data. Please reach out to valerie@tribedynamics.com or message us in the chat if you have shared Impressions data from your owned social handle or a paid Ambassador partnership.

πŸ† Level Up: Best Practice Guides

Are you ready to get organized? Check out how Ambassador Tags help you segment and manage your influencer community at scale. Assigning group membership is a great way to quickly recall groups anywhere within the software.

πŸ’œ In Case You Missed It

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