Whether you're growing your community or deliberating about who to include in your next activation, knowing which brands or hashtags influencers have talked about in their past content can be an invaluable starting point.

That's why we've designed our Influencer Search page to focus on our core social tracking technology: mentions.

📝 Note: Basic Search capabilities for mentions of your brand and competitors are available to all accounts and users. However, if you are interested in the complete Search experience, reach out to a Tribe Dynamics team member about adding advanced Search to your current services.

How does it work?

Start by navigating to the Influencer Search page in your dashboard:

From this page, you'll be able to search for influencers who have mentioned your brand and brands from your competitive set.

Click on a brand tile to see all the influencers from your market panel who have mentioned the selected brand over the past 6 months, sorted by EMV generated for that brand. The results are based on content generated across all channels:

From here, you can:

  1. Filter down the results based on Influencer properties

  2. Quick Add an Ambassador to your account

  3. Apply Ambassador Tags to a selected influencer

  4. Add an Ambassadors to a Campaign, or

  5. Select multiple Ambassadors and use our List Builder to take the above actions

Leveling Up: Search through Hashtags or All Brands

Interested in gaining access to additional search feeds? The complete Search experience includes the ability to use the Search Field on the page to sift through the 2500 top hashtags and brand mentions from the Tribe Dynamics database.

Hashtag feeds are identical to brand feeds, but the returned results will be contingent on the influencers that have mentioned the hashtag selected. Please note that the results are based on content generated on Instagram only.


The influencers added from Search will be Tagged as "mentioned [brand/hashtag]" according to the list that they were added from. You can filter on these Tags on your Ambassadors page to find and activate them!

How are the top hashtags and brands determined?

Search results are limited to 2500 possible topics, ranked by the number of Ambassador Profiles that have mentioned the brand or hashtag in the last 6 months. This list is updated weekly, and our methodology keeps the list dynamic and reflective of the conversations happening on social media 💬

Up Next: Learn when to use Search and when to head to Discover.

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