When faced with limited budget and time, knowing which influencer relationships might not be worth maintaining can be just as important as knowing which influencer relationships merit further investment.

When you're determining who to include (or not include) in your next activation, our Poor Fit Badge can help.

What is Fit?

Fit is a measurement of how much EMV an influencer earns when mentioning your brand compared to how much EMV they typically earn on any of their regular posts, measured over the past 6 months of content creation.

In other words, Fit allows you to measure how receptive an influencer's audience is to posts that mention your brand in comparison to the rest of their content.

How is "Poor Fit" determined?

The most actionable application of Fit involves identifying influencers that are scoring poorly within your community; this highlights an opportunity to redirect resources away from Ambassadors who do not resonate well with your brand towards those who do.

Seeing a Poor Fit Badge on an Ambassador Profile in your account means that we are confident that the influencer's posts about your brand have lower than average Fit (with a 95% confidence interval, for those of you who are statistically inclined 🤓).

What should you do if you see a Poor Fit Badge?

Poor Fit should not be the only deciding factor when determining whether to continue investing in an Ambassador relationship.

It may be the case that a certain influencer has a particularly engaged audience and thus earns relatively high engagement when compared to other influencers of a similar size, as denoted by the color-coding on the Engagement Rate. This makes specific content about your brand more likely to perform as well in comparison to other influencers, and although a Poor Fit Badge might be applied, you are still satisfied with the Ambassadors overall performance.

It could also be the case that you have a personal or professional relationship with the Ambassador, providing you more context into the value of the relationship that cannot be quantified by data.

However, some combination of Poor Fit, Low EMV, and Post-level Engagement Rate can provide a data-driven signal that a relationship might not be providing the ROI that you expected.

Why show "Poor Fit" instead of "Good Fit" on Profiles?

Highlighting Poor Fit is more actionable than Good Fit. Typically, you should expect engagement on content that mentions your brand to be about as good as any other content published on a given Ambassador's feed.

In the best case scenario, you may not see "Poor Fit" on any of your Ambassadors, which is an indication that you are fostering a healthy community of influencers for your brand!

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