Who is Gatsby?

Gatsby enables brands to identify existing customers that are microinfluencers and engage them in authentic social collaboration.

Partnership Overview

By using Gatsby and Tribe Dynamics together, brands are able to identify their influential customers in real-time and develop those relationships within our platform. 

Gatsby assists brands by converting customers into brand advocates so you can reach new audiences and measure the impact of your efforts.

Exporting from Gatsby

To export from Gatsby, log into your account, and:

  1. Navigate to the Data Tab
  2. Set your filter parameters and click “Done”
  3. Select “Export CSV”

Your CSV file will contain the following data fields for the customers that meet your filter parameters:

  • Name
  • Instagram Profile
  • Instagram Bio
  • Follower Count
  • Following Count
  • Number of Post Published

Importing into Tribe Dynamics

Create Your Gatsby Campaign

We suggest creating a dedicated Campaign to track influencers that have been sourced from Gatsby, so you can come back and report on conversion rates and program success at a later date. 

Learn more about the steps to create a campaign here.

Pro tip: Leave the end date blank to continue capturing content for this cohort of influencers on an ongoing basis.

Upload your Gatsby influencers to your Tribe Campaign

Take advantage of our bulk uploading feature to get all of your Gatsby influencers into your newly created campaign.

Learn more about bulk importing and editing Ambassador profiles here.

When mapping the columns of your Gatsby CSV export to the fields in your dashboard, you'll want your dialogue box to look similar to the screenshot below:

And then you're all set to start tracking content from your new microinfluencers!

If you have any questions or feedback on using Gatsby together with Tribe Dynamics, please don't hesitate to send us a message in the chat widget 😎

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