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In which markets does Tribe Dynamics offer panel coverage and Competitive Insights?
In which markets does Tribe Dynamics offer panel coverage and Competitive Insights?

Tribe Dynamics services multiple international markets. Find out how you can get access to data about your global earned media program.

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Tribe Dynamics offers Competitive Insights in multiple markets across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, so that brands can easily track their performance on a worldwide scale.

Before we explore the markets that we support, let's review how we generate data for each market using influencer panels.

How are panels used?

Tribe Dynamics has multiple market-specific influencer databases (referred to as Panels), consisting of individuals, retailers, brands, and publications in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle spaces. Posts created by the members of a given panel are used to provide data on a given brand’s performance within our Competitive Insights feature. For example, we organize posts created by all the US Panel Creators in the month of January based on what brands are mentioned, and then we use the performance associated with these posts to calculate brand performance. This methodology allows us to use the Panel as a proxy for each market's social media landscape, and provides an easy apple-to-apples comparison when looking to benchmark one brand against another.

How many influencers are in a panel?

The number of influencers that comprise each market panel is contingent on the size of the market, as well as the size of the influencer community within that market; Panels may grow over time as the local influencer community grows. To determine how each influencer in our database is assigned to a market, read more about our proprietary audience location model here. Note that most influencers only qualify for one market, but there are a select number of influencers that qualify for two or more markets based on their international presence.

What markets does Tribe Dynamics support?

The markets where we currently offer Competitive Insights are displayed below, along with their respective Panel sizes. We also offer a Worldwide Panel, which is an aggregation of all of the influencers that comprise each of the below market-specific panels, in addition to Creators that are not based in these individual markets but nonetheless qualify for panel membership. However, any influencers who are assigned to multiple panels are only counted once.

If you are interested in adding a market to your current contract or exploring a worldwide reporting option, please reach out to us in the chat support, or email us directly at

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