The Ambassador Discover tool allows you to find (and add ➕) influencers who have recently mentioned your brand, but aren't currently being followed in your account.

How it works

Discover collects social media posts that mention your brand within Tribe Dynamics' panel of influencers. When a creator that you're not tracking posts content about you, they'll be added to your Discover feed, where their profiles will be available for you to review for 28 days. This allows you to see the latest mentions about your brand that you might have missed. This is especially helpful for Instagram Story mentions, since we'll be able to give you additional time to view and evaluate these mentions beyond the first 24 hours that the post is live on the Instagram app.

Adding these influencers to your account, responding to their content in a timely manner, and nurturing the relationship can help your brand sustain an always-on strategy for growing your brand community.

📝 Note: Discover is designed to help you cut through the noise and only surface high-potential posts and Ambassadors. To qualify a post, the software will automatically filter for content that:

  • Was published by a panel influencer (i.e. a creator that has been identified as relevant to the influencer marketing field in your region)

  • Was published in the last 28 days

  • Has earned more than $200 in EMV

  • Has average, or higher than average, engagement than we would expect of an influencer of this following size on this channel (i.e. no underperforming content)

  • Was published by an influencer that hasn't been declined by you (or someone on your team) more than once

How you can use it

Start by navigating to the Discover Tab within your dashboard. Just like Brand Buzz, you'll be able to view metrics on how each post is performing, and the overall potential that Discover currently represents for your brand:

You'll notice that you can toggle between:

  • New Posts which is optimal for those brands that prefer to evaluate their influencers based on specific pieces of content (e.g. high engagement on one standout post)

  • New Ambassadors, which is optimal for those brands that prefer to evaluate their influencers based on a more holistic view of the performance they drive for your brand (e.g. average EMV per post, channel-level engagement rate).

Regardless of whether you are viewing the Post or Ambassador list, you can take action on the information provided in two ways:

  1. Skip for Now: This option removes the influencer and their content from your Discover page. If the same influencer creates more content about your brand in the future, we'll resurface them in the feed. Your team will have the option to decline the same influencer twice before they are no longer surfaced in your account.

  2. Follow: This option adds the Ambassador Profile to the influencer database that you are tracking in your account, so that you can begin to track their content and source them for future activations.

All Ambassadors that you add to your dashboard from this feed will be automatically tagged with "discovered MMYY," so that you can easily recall the influencers you've added through this page. For example, try searching for "Tags is any of discovered 0122" in your Ambassadors tab to retrieve all the profiles you added to your database via Discover in January 2022.

💡 Tip: If you're looking to save time while reviewing your Discover tab, don't forget to make use of the filters to quickly "jump" to the Ambassadors who meet your brand's qualification criteria, such as Audience Location, Follower Count, and Post EMV requirements. Learn more about our filters here.

What's next?

Within the Ambassadors Tab, find all the Ambassadors you followed through the Discover feed using the assigned Tag. Next, introduce yourself, your brand, and your products to spark a relationship with your new fans. Here are some thought-starters:

  1. Reach out via email or direct message to collect their mailing address

  2. Mail them your brand's hero products, or a product they've mentioned in recent content

  3. Track these newly discovered Ambassadors using Campaigns to see who converts into a true brand advocate!

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