Building, managing, and scaling an influencer community is no easy feat. You may be communicating with dozens (maybe hundreds!) of influencers at a time, while also keeping a close eye on an endless stream of incoming content. Your Tribe Dynamics dashboard can help you save time and prioritize your resources by allowing you to filter for various helpful characteristics within your influencer community.

Let's review some key workflows around using filters on your Creators List.

Adding a Filter

You can add a filter by clicking on the Filter button on the top right corner of the Creators List. This will bring up the Filter Menu.

You'll see a default filter statement of "Where Tags [is any of ] blank" to get you started. From here, you can set the filter field, filter operator, and comparison value so that you can make statements like "Where Tags [is any of] activewear" or "Where Follower Count on Instagram [is above] 5000."

Layering your Filters

Adding new filters is as simple as clicking on "Add Filter." This will add a new layer to the filter dialog and allow you to choose additional filters to further narrow down your Followed Creators to those that match your desired criteria.

Each new row will act as an AND statement meaning that we'll return Creators that match all of your desired filters.

Applying your Filters

When you're done selecting your filters, simply click on "Apply Filters" on the bottom right of the Filter Menu. You'll see all of your applied filters individually displayed at the top of the page.

💡 Tip: Learn more about how you can use the List Builder feature to take action on Creator Profiles that meet your filter criteria. Some key actions include tagging Creators so that you can create customized segments within your database, adding Creators to Campaigns so you can measure their contributions to the success of specific initiatives, and Unfollowing Creators who are no longer relevant to your brand.

Clearing your Filters

You can clear individual filters by clicking on the "X" next to each filter at the top of your Creators page or in the Filter menu itself, which will reflect the filters you've most recently applied. You can also click on Clear All to easily remove all of your filters and return to the default state of your Creators page.

Posting Behavior

We also provide some dynamic filters that segment your Creator community by the consistency of their posting behavior around your brand. These four categories are collectively called our Community Groups and are automatically managed by the software. You can choose which categories you want to include in your results by using the blue toggle on the top right hand corner of each tile.

💡 Tip: Learn more about how your Community Groups can help you prioritize influencer marketing resources here.

Filtering on Customized Information

Many of the filters that are available in the Creators List are designed to retrieve information that is automatically managed by Tribe Dynamics. For example, we can help you narrow down your community based on your influencers' follower counts, follower demographics, the date they were added to your account, and their posting behavior about your brand.

However, you can also filter on information that your team has added to Creator Profiles, such as Creator Tags, Custom Fields, mailing addresses, and background notes. If you choose to build our your Creator Profiles to include this additional information, not only will you have the information stored for future reference, you'll also be able to leverage this information when you're building Creator lists or segmenting your performance for reporting purposes. For example, when setting up a new Custom Field in a Creator Profile, you'll also be creating a new filter option in your Creators Lists.

In fact, the more work you put into uploading and organizing your information, the more powerful filters can be in helping you narrow down your Creators to find who to activate next ⭐️

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