What are Community Groups?

And how do they help me build a healthy Creator community through retention?

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To help you build and maintain a healthy, sustainable influencer marketing program, Tribe Dynamics developed Creator Community Groups which automatically segments influencers you're tracking into groups based on their posting behavior over time.

The goal of the Community Groups is to allow you to see the proportion of your Creators who are posting consistently and to help you increase this proportion through targeted activation.

Below, we've illustrated how the Community Groups describe your Creators' relationship with the brand. Please note that the time periods can be flexible, so you can measure weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annual retention amongst the influencers in your account.

What does this framework allow me to focus on?

Creator Community Groups allow you to track and report on your progress towards promoting consistent posting activity from the creators in your community. Our research has shown that influencers who post about your brand regularly are your most effective advocates, and recruit new brand fans with their enthusiasm, sparking community growth. Leveraging this insight, we developed these Groups to help you build effective influencer marketing programs by providing clear Creator segments that you can target different types of relationship-building activities.

The specifics of how your brand can increase Creator Retention likely depend on your the constraints of your brand's influencer strategy, but the overarching goal should always be to drive your Creators toward the Retained Group, as outlined in the illustration above.

Where can I make use of Community Groups in the software?

There are two places where you can leverage this framework in your Tribe Dynamics account:

① Content in My Community - Reporting and Acting on Retention Metrics

Depending on your selected date range, the software will automatically assign Creators who posted both in the period you've selected, as well as the corresponding prior period, to the Retained Group, Similarly, those Creators who posted within your selected period, but not the corresponding prior period, will be assigned to the New Group.

You'll also have access to those who didn't post this period, but posted in the prior period via the Lost Group. To view this group and the content that they created in the prior period, try toggling off Retained and New.

② Creators in My Community - Segmenting your influencers
The software will automatically segment all of the Creators you are following in your account into the Retained, New, Lost, or Potential Groups based on the last 3 months of posting behavior compared to the prior 3 months.

Note that the Content Groups can be defined on flexible date ranges, whereas the Groups on the Creators tab will be defined based on fixed, 3-month periods.

The views are updated on an ongoing basis as your dashboard collects posts. This means that a Potential Creator is re-assigned to the New Creator category once new content is collected. Similarly, a New or Lost Creator becomes a Retained Creator once content is collected in the current period.

Creators who do not post consistently will likely slip into the Lost and Potential categories, so we recommend planning targeted re-engagement Campaigns on a regular basis to ensure that your brand is maintaining or growing your Retained Group.

How do I leverage the Community Groups in my program?

Toggling a group "off" will exclude them from the list. Layer filters on top of the Group selections to further define and target segments within your Creator community. Below are some thought starters on how you might deploy Community Groups when reporting or building Creator lists for your future activations.

Reporting on weekly, monthly, or quarterly retention

When reporting on your program, leverage the Community Groups on the Content tab to measure changes in Creator retention and their impact on top-line metrics by applying the below filters:

  • Toggle off the New group to report on the contributions of your Retained group

  • Toggle off the Retained group to report on the contributions of your New group

Measuring Campaign impact

Let's say you wanted to show the impact of a recent initiative on your community retention; you could do so by going to your Community's content and filtering for:

  • Date Range Last 30 Days

  • Where Campaign Participation is any of "Campaign Name"

Identify your Lost Creators

If you want to re-engage Lost Creators to bring them back into your Retained community, you can adjust to your desired date range on your community's content page and:

  • Toggle off both the New and Retained Groups

Rewarding your organic creators

You may have recently followed some Creators because they've mentioned your brand, and you haven't had a chance to activate them yet. Next time you're building a Creator list for an initiative, try filtering for:

  • Date Range Last 30 Days

  • Leave both the New and Retained Groups toggled on

  • Filter for Campaign Assignment is Empty

Cleaning up your account

If you are looking to see which Creators have not posted about your brand in over a year, you can

  • Set the appropriate Date Range (e.g. Year to Date or a Custom Range for the past 12 months)

  • Toggle off the New and Retained group

  • Where Campaign Assignment is any of Select all Campaigns from the last Year (i.e. they have been engaged in one or more recent activations)

  • Review the Creators who have not posted, despite being activated

Looking for more guidance?

For more reading material, read about specific recommendations for activating (or re-engagement) each Community Group: 

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