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How far back can Tribe track a Creator's posts?
How far back can Tribe track a Creator's posts?

Following a new Creator, but looking for old posts? Learn more about how your dashboard pulls historical data.

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So you've noticed that a new creator has been talking about your brand, and you decide to start following them in your account so you can stay on top of the content they're posting. 

Perhaps you're looking to get a bit of insight into what the creator is saying about your brand, as well as their post engagement. This information is useful when it's time to decide how you'll start building your relationship with them.

You know that the creator has posted about you in the past, but you've only added them to to your account today; how far back can you expect your dashboard to pull historical posts mentioning your brand? 🤔

Known influencers

If the influencer is an established member of Tribe Dynamics' panel or is a Verified Creator, we'll be able to reach back further into our database of saved posts to find their content that mentions your brand. How far back we go depends on how long Tribe Dynamics has been tracking that particular Creator.

New influencers

If the influencer is new to Tribe Dynamics post tracking, we will scan the last 12 posts that they published and pull in any content that mentions your brand from within the recently-published content. These Creators will be fully tracked for content going forward. Please note that we will only be able to collect IG Stories starting the day they were added to the database.

If there is a specific post that you are expecting to pull in, try using our Add Post feature to make sure that content is logged into your dashboard.

Additionally, if you have a specific creator you would like us to look into, reach out to us in the dashboard chat for help.

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