Tribe Dynamics has multiple market-specific panels, consisting of individuals, retailers, brands, and publications in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle spaces. Posts created by the members of a given panel are used to calculate a brand’s total EMV in a given time period for that panel. 

When updating each panel, Tribe first determines which market(s) each potential member primarily influences. You can read more on that process here

Then, to ensure that our panels reflect an objective and relevant cross-section of influencers, Tribe ranks each candidate for their respective panel across the following criteria:

  • EMV generated

  • Follower count 

  • Engagement level

  • Branded content creation

  • Consistency of content creation

  • Centrality to their network

Verifying whether an ambassador in your ARM account is on a panel

An ambassador who is included on a current Tribe panel will display a checkmark next to his or her profile name.

For example, the first influencer in the screenshot below is on the US panel, but the influencer below is not:

If a given ambassador is contributing to panels in multiple markets, the country codes corresponding to those markets will also be displayed:

Ambassadors that contribute to panels outside of your primary market will be denoted by a checkmark outline:

Although you can track ambassadors in any country within your account, please note that your dashboard is ultimately anchored in a single market, and that this market is the basis for the data you see in your Leaderboard. For example, if you have a US-based dashboard, your Competitors Tab reflects performance within the US panel.

A guide on the panel abbreviations can be found here.

6-month evaluation

Tribe’s panels are evaluated and updated every six months to capture a current and relevant cross-section of influencers. With each update, we also evaluate any additional non-panel ambassadors from client ARM accounts for inclusion, based on their ability to meet the key criteria listed above.

If you have any questions about why ambassadors in your account are on or off a specific panel, feel free to reach out to your Client Partner for additional information.

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