To distinguish between paid posts and organic posts that
contribute to a brand’s performance, Tribe Dynamics earmarks EMV that is associated with sponsored posts and reports this as a percentage of total EMV earned in a given time period.

Tribe identifies sponsored content using keywords such as “#ad,” “#spon,” “#sponsored,” and any other language that local governing bodies require for the disclosure of paid brand endorsements.


The post above was sponsored by Sephora, but its EMV will be categorized as “sponsored” for all brands mentioned (Sephora, Innisfree, and Belif). Though not all of the tagged brands paid for the post, an endorsement from one brand often diminishes the authenticity of the post as a whole. It's also common for influencers to disclose that a post is paid for, without specifying the brand that is paying. As a result, sponsored EMV can "spill over" across brands. We recommend that sponsored EMV be used as a directional measurement rather than an absolute one.

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