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How do key brand stakeholders contribute to EMV performance?
How do key brand stakeholders contribute to EMV performance?

Some key company leaders are influencers themselves. Tribe excludes content from individuals that have vested interest in a brand's success.

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Tribe Dynamics excludes posts from brand founders and creative directors when reporting competitive EMV, and we treat content created by any individual with a vested interest in the brand's success in a similar manner. The goal of EMV is to track the value of earned media, and posts from founders or company leaders are considered to be more closely related to owned content. After all, consumers will expect brand founders to promote products in an advertorial manner. 

Spokespeople are an exception in this category because they are often independent from the brand, and there is the opportunity for either party to terminate the partnership at any time. Sponsored EMV is our method of measuring and differentiating the amount of content produced for a brand by a paid spokesperson. 

Below are examples of beauty influencers and celebrities who have founded companies and whose social media content do not contribute to their brand's competitive EMV:

  • Jeffree Star - Jeffree Star Cosmetics

  • Huda Kattan - Huda Beauty

  • Marlena Stell - Makeup Geek Cosmetics

  • Jerrod Blandino - Too Faced

  • Anastasia and Claudia Soare - Anastasia Beverly Hills

  • Rihanna - Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin

  • Christen Dominique - Dominique Cosmetics

  • Jessica Alba - The Honest Company

  • Patrick Ta - Patrick Ta Beauty

  • Vicky Tsai - Tatcha

  • Lady Gaga - HAUS

  • Kylie Jenner - Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin

  • Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid - IMAN Cosmetics

  • Miranda Kerr - KORA Organics

  • Pierpaolo Piccioli - Valentino Fashion

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