Your Tribe Dynamics dashboard helps you track, manage, and measure a select group of social media outlets for mentions of your brand or topics.

How does it work?

Your dashboard "listens for" mentions of brand-specific phrases, hashtags, and @-mentions within the text that is associated with a given post. Let's take a look at the diagram:

A collection of social media outlets associated with an individual or entity is referred to as an Ambassador. An Ambassador can be a social media influencer, a publication, or even a brand. By adding in URLs for all of this Ambassador's active social media outlets, you've created an Ambassador Profile.

Search Terms
A Search Term can be a select phrase, hashtag, or @-tag, and they can be specific to a brand, a product, a topic, or generally anything you'd like to track.

Combining Ambassadors and Search Terms is how our software finds social media content. Think about it as tracking the "Who" (Ambassadors) for "What" (Search Terms).


Does my ARM account track everything on the Internet?
Nope. Only the Ambassadors that you decide to follow in your account will be tracked for mentions of your brand. The more relevant Ambassadors you add to your account, the more coverage about your brand we'll be able to pull in for you.

Why not?
While traditional social listening tools watch the entire social sphere for mentions of your specified brand, your Tribe Dynamics account is meant to only track social media outlets that you are intentionally managing. This allows you to cut through the noise and focus on the influencer content and relationships that matter to you.

Can I track any influencer?
Absolutely! As long as you upload a public social media link to your Ambassador Profile, we'll be able to track influencer for mentions of your brand from this channel. Combining the social media handles of a single person (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) into a single Ambassador Profile gives you a complete view of each influencer's relationship with your brand.

What can I track and measure?
Anything, really. While we help you get set up with an account that monitors your influencer community for brand mentions, our Campaigns feature allows you to specify any search term, as long as you would like to track content about this topic in your dashboard.

What does my account help me accomplish?

With the ability to track specific Ambassadors for mentions of your brand, products, and topics, you will be able to monitor how your brand and products are being received by influencers and their audiences, whether it's through activations or organic mentions on social media.

Using Earned Media Value (EMV) and our metrics ecosystem, you can measure the quality of conversation about your brand over time.

By following the right social media outlets and setting up relevant Campaigns in your account, you'll be able to benchmark your top brand Ambassadors, increase retention amongst your influencer community, and measure ROI on your influencer marketing spend in no time!

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